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Do not fly kites or model aeroplanes anywhere near overhead powerlines/wires. If you see fallen and sagging wires don’t go near them, stand guard and notify the local electricity authority or police. Electricity-related deaths and accidents are preventable. Follow our tips and procedures for safe working conditions outdoors and avoid injury or death by electrocution.

Water and electricity

Swimming pools and electricity can be a fatal mix. Electric shocks received in the vicinity of a swimming pool are more likely to be fatal than those received in other locations, as bare feet, minimum clothing and wet skin reduce your body’s resistance. Never use a portable electrical appliance or place an extension cord where it could be splashed or fall into the pool.

Caravans and power supplies

Ensure that the supply cord to your caravan is in good condition and rated at 15 amps. Beware of overhead powerlines and wires when erecting your TV antennas.

Home Maintenance

Electrical home maintenance issues include keep clear of electric wires attached to your house or shed. When using a metal ladder, you are standing on metallic contact with the ground, which increases the risk of receiving a shock. Keep the flexible cord of your electric edge trimmer or lawn mower away from the blade when in use.
If the cord is damaged, don’t touch the edge trimmer or mower – switch power off at the plug.

Dial before you dig

Be careful where you dig, as there may be buried cables. If there is any doubt, call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or visit

Electricity infrastructure

Do not climb or go near transmission line towers or enter substations – both carry extremely high voltages and can result in electrocution.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs includes Lighting, Ovens ,Hot water services, Smoke Alarms, Power Points, Switch Board repairs and installation.


Electrical Installation

Electrical installation includes Ovens, electric hot water, Safety Switch installation, Smoke Alarms and Lighting for Domestic Commercial and Industrial.

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