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The light bulb in general has certainly come a long way, stemming from early day incandescent filament bulbs to florescent lighting. Nowadays, LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as well, often due to their longevity and energy efficiency when compared to incandescent or compact florescent lighting.

LED simply stands for light emitting diodes and originally was a technology that was created in the early 1960s, but only came in the color of red which was commonly used as an electrical component. It wasn't until later on that other colors such as green and blue were offered, along phosphoric techniques that were used in order to create other forms of color, like infrared, visible and ultraviolet lighting.

LED bulbs original came with a single-bulb options, which were later used in car lights, instrumental and electrical panels, flashlight pens and so forth. Clusters, or multiple bulbs, were eventually produced that offered a broader range of lighting options when regarding colors and brightness. LED bulbs are now come in even larger clusters, which can even mimic that of daytime lighting.

Much of the increasing popularity for LED bulbs comes down to several factors, but primarily revolves around their flexibility for innovative lighting schemes, as well as their efficiency and ability to withstand damage when compared to other types of light bulbs since there are no tubes to break.

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Thanks to the ongoing increase in technology, LED bulbs are a fantastic way to reduce problems with energy efficiency due to a low amount of voltage that’s drawn when compared to incandescent lighting, also making it possible for a reduction in the gauge of electrical wires that can be used. LED lighting often uses 90% less power than filament, or incandescent, bulbs at about 2-10 watts and can also extend the life of a battery up to ten times or more.

LED lighting is great for those who want to cut down on spending costs due to being less likely to break when compared to filament bulbs, and also due to the fact that they put off less heat, making it less likely for consumers to worry about room temperature control. They’re also excellent for individuals who use solar panels, since LED bulbs require less power.

LED light bulbs are also cost-effective due to their longevity, being able to last up to ten times longer than a florescent bulb and significantly longer than incandescent ones. The typical life span of a LED bulb can last up to 20 years before it needs to be replaced, adding to the already many benefits that these bulbs have.

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